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Osmosi is an edition of unique glass and marble pieces, marrying the two materials into vases, furniture and lighting. It is in the border between manufactured products and one off sculptures. The functional aspect is present in each unique piece.


The project combines new technology with traditional craftsmanship inan entirely innovative way. It is characterised by a virtual fusion between marble and hand-blown glass, the materials are put together in combination with a precision only possible thanks to high-level digital technology.

The process involved begins with the realisation of the glass. The hand blown form is then captured through a 3D scan. With the digitalisation of the form the matching shape is CNC (computer numerical control) milled into the marble. In this way creating two unique pieces that match each other perfectly. They are separate pieces but one is none without the other. They fit together through gravity alone. Like Cinderella and her glass shoe, there is only one unique piece of glass that can fit in one unique piece of marble. The effect is a perfect symbiosis between the materials.



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