Three childhood friends, designer Claudio Colucci, architect Pierre-André Bohnet and sculptor Vincent Du Bois founded StonetouCH in 2007. Their goal was to fill a gap in the design industry by producing high-end very limited edition pieces of recognized and world-acclaimed designers in stone. More specifically, the trio focused on using only Swiss stone. In an industry where machines are replacing the human hand everyday a little more, StonetouCH’s mission was also to promote their hand-carved and traditional production approach.


StonetouCH’s mission lies in promoting one of the most ancient artistic expressions, stone carving, and to highlight its traditional know-how in a contemporary creative context. It also seeks to underline the rich potential of natural stones born from the Swiss mountains: marble, sandstone and granite. StonetouCH invites internationally recognized Swiss and foreign artists to collaborate by creating a unique or limited edition piece on a given theme, therefore creating a consistent collection.


The objects are produced by the Cal’as workshop in Geneva. Each piece is carved from an independent block of stone with expert care by the Cal’as workshops craftsmen. Because each block of stone is unique, each object, even in limited editions, becomes a unique work of art. Each object leaving our workshops is the union of an artistic proposal, the mastery of stone carving and the ever-changing poetry of geology. The Cal’AS workshop (« cal » is the Celtic word for stone, and « AS » stands for « Artisans Sculpteurs », sculpture craftsmen) was founded by Vincent Du Bois in 1993 and is an evolution of the acclaimed family business “Marbrerie Cassani”.