Art Collector

For any admirer of art, collecting a piece of art is more than a possession, it’s sharing values with artists, and being part of their story. Our last gratification is to bring works of art from international renowned artist to collectors worldwide passionate of stone.

Above and beyond collecting a piece of work from your favourite artist, we also offer exclusive and tailored opportunities to any dream a collector might have. The pure artistic pattern, on which Stonetouch is built, enables collaboration to any vanguard current or procedure, yet we do have identified particular expertise:

• The “Edition” of 2 collections that were created as limited editions, Miniland and Candelabra.
• The “Carte Blanche”, giving free reins to the artists, this is how the Detour and Dolmen collections were created.
• A “Bespoke Design”, according to all artists, creation starts with a dream and freedom, Stonetouch’s team can put together a collector and designers to execute a dream project.

Contact us for any inquiries, Stonetouch guarantees a completely private and confidential process.
Let us edit your dream.

Collection created as a Limited Edition – MINILAND



A Carte Blanche Collection – DETOUR